The Photographer

I’m passionate about people.


One of my first photography subjects was portraits.

I fall in love with pictures, and the reality and emotions immersed on the frame…

The last year, I’ve followed some of Rita’s searches on the Internet. Somethings were normal, others unexpected. But in general, I started to realize how much I didn’t know about what was happening on other parts of the world because I was lost inside my own square meter.

I couldn’t relate to other people’s suffering because I never imagined what would be like to be a refugee myself…

Slowly, day after day, I felt a strange anger growing inside of me. I couldn’t pin point any specific reason for it, but I felt something was different about myself, and I was a bit more aware of the world around me…

This was a moment when I started creating empathy…


My dream has been for a long time to live and travel in a van, as a travel photographer!

I achieved that dream sooner that I expected, but now I dream of something more…


Right now, people are walking through deadly places trying to reach safety, while I’m here sitting comfortably in my bed writing this.


Is this fair?

Should I allow myself to go day by day,¬†imagining that one day this could be at my door step, that I could see my neighbours, my friends, my family running from war, while someone else on other part of the world doesn’t even know they are suffering?

I know I can’t change the world. Nor I’m trying to. But I want to change myself, and at least, influence the ones around me to other cultures, other philosophies, other human beings whom need our help right now.


So I’m doing this not for money, not for fame, not to only satisfy my ego. I’m following this path because I feel it’s right to help anyone we can, even if we can’t hear or see them.


It’s time do our part and give others a voice!



Joao Camilo.


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