To All Women In Europe

Dear All,

As you know, we are doing a project with women that live in Europe, portraying their lifestyles and empowerment moments on camera. This is a campaign to create awareness about the atrocities lived in Syria. We will aim this project to women living in Europe, specially women refugees, and showing their differences but most importantly their similarities. This as the objective of getting together hearts and minds, showing that we are all the same.

We will do this taking a panoramic photo, of each woman, and asking them to Speak their Heart. This will allow a platform without filter of self expression and empowerment. We will also do 2 exhibit, an online gallery and possible a book. And most of the profits will go to charities, like Amnesty International, that is doing a great job at showing what is going on.

This post is to ask any women living in Europe, no matter the situation or condition, to be part of this project. We want to take your photo and tell your story!

If you want to join us send us an email at

Thank you so much for participating!

Share, support, donate, like!


Speak Your Heart Team



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