Happy Holidays!

Dear All,

This is an important moment for many people and many families all over the world. And the team at Speak Your Heart wants to wish you Happy Holidays!

Let’s also remember those that don’t have a home, a family and a shoulder to cry on. Let’s remember, the less fortunate and the ones’s that need our help. People in Syria, going through horrible atrocities in time of war. Men, women, children and elderly people are running from their homes, because they are not safe. Because they are being trapped in a situation that they cannot control, and they are doing everything to save their lives.

It is so important to send our love, kindness and compassion to all of them. So they can overcome all the chaos and confusion of this moment.

Meditate, pray, send good vibes, and good wishes, and we will join you doing the same.

Don’t forget to support our project to help tell the story of women refugees and women in Europe portraying how they fell empowered.

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Thank you!!!

The Speak Your Heart Team





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