Why We Should Care About Refugees

As you might know, Syria is for years now, being covered by war, destruction and chaos. You might even know the reason why it is so, and all the political connections and justifications for what is happening. The truth is, whatever the reason, the result is always the same one: death and struggle for mankind. 

There are families, people, hearts like ours, being drawn to an abyss of no return. The one that most people want to stay away from. They are being lead to moments of pain and suffering, that most of us cannot imagine. Some inevitably loose their light and others, escape this final destination. And how?! Making a journey from Syria to Europe, a journey of danger and sometimes hope. A journey that can take a soul to their death or their freedom. Freedom?! For some yes, for others the distrust will always be their shadow, for years and years to come. Distrust about our society and distrust of the society towards the refugee. 

Borders prevent us from seing the truth…We should all care about the refugees because they are us. Because at the most basic and human level, we are all the same. And if we feel this we will make a connection that can’t be shaken. We will put ourselves in other people’s shoes and understand a simple truth… A refugee deserves exactly the same opportunities as I do. He is me, just with a different background… But he is all of us…

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