And we start with Carla

Hi there!

We hope you had a nice week, full of magic and blessings!

We are starting our project, about the Syrian refugees, check info here, with a beautiful woman, Carla.

Our objective is to portray women living in Europe, and create an image that reflects what makes them feel empowered.

In this case, Carla is a makeup artist in Portugal. She lives, breathes and adores makeup. That is what makes her feel empowered. To be able to transform herself, and others, giving them confidence and inspiring them to accept their natural beauty.

She believes in the strength of the individual, and the power we all have to stand up for what we think is right for us.

She is a dreamer, a fighter, a lover, and now a mom.

Carla allowed us to enter her world, when she was just a few weeks from giving birth.

Want to know what Carla has to say?! For that, support, share, donate to our cause at

Thank you!

Speak Your Heart Team






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