Sara and Nature


A few months ago we started this project…

The first person we thought of photographing was Sara… She is a free spirit and a free soul. She is not bound by society, rules, norms,… She walks this Earth, filling her days with one thought: to be happy and to drink life fully.

Her direction is everywhere and her heart beats with the tunes of freedom and openness…

What makes her feel empowered?! Nature. She is a vegan, and I once heard someone say: “You represent Mother Nature to me”…

The location is Epping Forest, in London, and Sara just embraced the environment around her, becoming one with the trees, the birds, the animals, the dirt beneath her feet…

Want to know what Sara has to say?! For that support, share, donate to our cause at


DSCF2540 Panorama

DSCF2540 Panorama Quote


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