Romana and being a Mom

Hi there!

Yesterday we told you about the photoshoot we did with Romana, an amazing and kind Brazilian woman living in Portugal, Porto.

Romana is an emigrant, with two fantastic daughters and a lovely husband. She is full of smiles and great energy. Super kind and compassionate! She is also a fighter for women’s rights, and human rights. She wants emigrant women to feel welcome in any country and above all respected.

We felt so welcomed in her house… A house painted with the drawings of her daughters, with that great energy of a place that speaks about love through the photographs that she as on the wall…

What makes Romana fell empowered? Being a Mom! It makes her feel all warm and happy on the inside and out. And you can feel it, when you enter her space…

We love this photo, and we love her!! 😀

Want to know what Romana has to say?! For that support, share, donate to our cause at

Thank you!

Speak Your Heart Team


001 000 Untitled_Panorama1 Romana instagram @jcamilophoto



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