Rita and Singing


Today we bring you the final result of Rita’s photoshoot!

We already talked a bit about her. What you don’t know is that we meet Rita in her teens, when she was doing modelling work. She could bring such intensity and commitment to the art of photography. … More Rita and Singing

Sara and Nature


A few months ago we started this project…

The first person we thought of photographing was Sara… She is a free spirit and a free soul. She is not bound by society, rules, norms,… She walks this Earth, filling her days with one thought: to be happy and to drink life fully. … More Sara and Nature

Photoshoot with Beatriz

Hi there! We continue our Refugee photography project, portraying women in Europe, and what makes them feel empowered! Today we had a photoshoot with Beatriz… She lives and works in Portugal. Beatriz is a blogger, a tutor, a mom, a wife, the owner of an online store Meraki, that supports pregnant women and young moms.